Uptown Girl: A Billionaire Bad Boy Romance

Don’t hate me for my 12 inch cock.
Don’t hate me for my 8 pack abs.
Don’t hate me for my reputation.
Hate me because once you’ve had a taste
It will never be enough.

Heavy is the head that wears the company crown.
I’m a rich, spoiled asshole, and I like it that way.


She’s here to fix my image.
I make it my mission to have her.

Gerry Smith.
Body of a goddess.
Hips made for sin.
I’m going to spread her thighs.

Make her open wide.
And show her no one beats me at my game.
I don’t follow rules, I break them.

Gerry’s driving me fucking crazy.
I can’t tell if I want to punch walls
Or press her perfect body against them.

When titans clash…will anyone be left standing?


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