Tryst of the Titans: An Enemies To Lovers Romance

Love is game.
And she plays to win.

Christina Shaffer is the most alpha woman I’ve ever met.
She chews men up for breakfast.
Kicks ass and then takes names.
No one has ever taken her on and come out alive.
This chick could seriously make the Devil cry.

Till she met me.

Grant Thornton, at your service.
You won’t ever meet a man like me.
I’m the CEO of the world’s largest investment bank.

Carter Jeffries.

That’s right. You’ve heard the name.
Made famous by every Alexis Angel book out there.
I run it.
I’ve made myself a billionaire through hard work.
But I play just as hard.

Love’s not just a game to people like Christina and I.
It’s war.
And it’s a war we come to win.

We’re willing to put it all out on the field of battle.

So after all this
Let me just give you a word to the wise.

When this woman and I collide?
It’s probably best for you to do one thing.

Run. And hide.


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