Triple Major: An MFMM Graduation Romance

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Three hot alpha male professors and me…
This classroom is about to get filthy…

She was top of her class.
Now she likes just being on top.
We’re going to take her.
Tease her.
Tempt her.
And finally, please her.
But first we gotta “educate” her.

When we teach her a lesson, she will remember.
When we command her, she will obey.
When we touch her after, she will shiver.

The four of us…will be one.
There’s those who see us and will try to stop us.
They’ll use every trick in the book.
They’ll want her to fail.

But she won’t fail. Not with us around her.
We’ll make her work for it.
What will she be doing?

Let’s just call it earning her marks.


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1 review for Triple Major: An MFMM Graduation Romance

  1. Ramona Gordon

    I actually read this book under Kindle unlimited so I went back and found the review:
    April 30, 2018
    Krysta has a real jerk for a boyfriend and after having a fight with him because he never supports her in her ventures, she finds three great guys by accident at a bar and things really heat up from there. Dylan, Simon, and King are professors at NYU who are out for a bit of relaxation when the spot the beauty and approach her. At the end of the night they separate without Krysta knowing the names of any of the guys and they don’t know her name either. The fun really begins when Krysta reports for her first faculty/staff meeting and that’s where she finds all sorts of excitement, including deception and the possibility of not being able to complete her project to help make the mines safer as a tribute to her father and other family members. Please read the book so you can enjoy the journey that these wonderful characters find themselves on because I certainly don’t want to spoil it for you. Happy reading.

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