They All Love Me

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Secrets are unveiled.
Loyalties are questioned.
But the biggest secret of all belongs to me.
Who will I tell first?

The Maxwell brothers have had me.
The Maxwell father has fucked me.
I’ve been caught in the middle of their family drama.
And now I find out why.

Secrets and lies.
Layer upon layer comes undone.
The truth begins to set us free.

But there is one secret that I discover.
It will bring a standstill to this war of the Maxwells.
The billionaire brothers and the hard man they call Father.
They’ll have no idea what to do.
What could this secret be?

Very simple.
I’m pregnant.


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1 review for They All Love Me

  1. Ramona Gordon (verified owner)

    Surprises and more twists and turns. Love this series.

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