The Marriage Mistake

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Putting the ‘bang‘ back in Bangkok…

Sammi Brighton. Uptight. Brilliant. Driven.
Total master of self-control.
One look at those snarky lips and I’m rock hard.
Imagining all the filthy things I want to do.

Oh, did I mention?
She hates my fucking guts.

But that doesn’t stop me.
Not when she shows up at the same conference.
Determined to show me up yet again.

But I know what makes Sammi tick.
I’m going to make her come undone.
Scream. Moan. Beg for more.

The only thing I didn’t plan on?
Waking up married.

Now I have to convince her of something else entirely.

That this was no mistake.


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1 review for The Marriage Mistake

  1. Raecharmed

    Sammi and her girl friends go to Bangkok ahead of the groom to celebrate before the wedding. There was supposed to be a one drink limit so they didn’t get into trouble like they did last time. However once they start partying the rules go out the window. They go on a wild ride only to awake the next morning with little to no memory of what happened the night before. Sammi tosses Lock out without any of his clothes and finds her friends in different crazy ways. Becky and Liam with a monkey, Percy is handcuffed to the toilet and Misti is passed outside with a stranger. After they gather for breakfast they attempt to piece their night together with their cell phones but that doesn’t help much. Can they discover what they did the night before? Will Sammi get married?

    This is a crazy story where everyone is trying to find out what exactly they did they night before. You will be laughing not stop while reading this story. This is a well written and very entertaining book. All of the character make this story amazing not just the lead characters. The chemistry between Lock and Sammi is electrifying. I can’t wait to read more by these authors.

    I enjoyed this book so much I bought my own copy.

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