Take Me On: An Enemies to Lovers Dark Romance

From the Desk of Lana Angel:

When I think of submission, I don’t think about weakness.

Submission isn’t weakness. It’s not about losing power. Submission isn’t forced, it’s not coerced and it isn’t given lightly.

This is a book about power—losing it, winning it, shaping it…giving it up and letting it go.  The heroine is no wallflower, and the hero is her match in every way.

But when two powerful people come together, there’s always a struggle for who’s on top…Lucky for them, they can take it from the streets to the sheets.

Submission isn’t about weakness. It’s about trust. It’s about respect for each other, and above all else, it’s about love. Always love.

I loved writing this book for you all, and I hope you enjoy it too. There’s something sensual and delicious about pushing boundaries, playing with fire and bathing in its glow. Things are about to get hot…and steamy…and a little dark, too.

But the darker the final hour, the happier the happily ever after, right? Let’s dive into the dark together and let the flames of passion light our way.

-xo Lana Angel



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