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I entered the Waterson mansion to steal a painting. Instead I stole a woman.

I?m a man who takes things from other men.
Usually the object is a priceless piece of art but one look at Leah, and I know I’m taking her too.
The petite brunette with wide, green-blue eyes has spent her life under lock and key.
She’s her father’s most valued asset.
The greedy bastard plans to sell her to the right business partner.
Leah is untouched, her innocence soon reserved for the best offer…
Until, I claim her for myself and make her father give her to me.

STOLEN is a dark billionaire romance novel. Standalone. No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA.


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1 review for Stolen

  1. reneemoody

    Peter Waterson is definitely not winning father of the year anytime soon as he likes to sell off his own children to save himself.
    He has just sold his daughter to the very wealthy Jacob Renaud.
    After having just a taste of pleasure from Jacob, Leah willingly goes to live with him all the while feeling like she is his prisoner.
    Leah devises a plan to take Jacob down so she can finally be free after discovering he likes to steal priceless works of art.
    As time goes on her feelings grow for him and she has seconds thoughts about bringing him down but the wheels are already in motion thanks to the inspector she’s been talking with.
    When all’s said and done Leah is devastated and finds herself drawn to Jacob’s house even though she thinks he’s now in jail. When she arrives she finds the inspector outside and things take a turn for the worse.

    Jacob and Leah’s chemistry is off the charts hot even if neither of them would ever admit their feelings for each other.
    There is a HEA albeit a little dark but I quite enjoyed the storyline and wished it were a little longer so I could keep reading.

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