Sinful Selections: A Pick-Your-Pleasure Romance

Ever wish you could change the story in the middle of a book?
Well baby…now you can.

That’s right.
You heard me.
Don’t like the way the story is going.
Make a different decision. Or better yet, start again.

The choice is all yours.

So you want to see me take off my shirt?
Want to feel my hard, bulging muscles?
Or you want me to caress your cheek?
Tell you I love you?

It’s your call. You decide.

But make sure you choose wisely.
Make the wrong choices, and you’ll pay the price.
Make the right choices, and you’ll get a nice surprise.
A coupon code for you, Angel.

But let’s just say you’ll want to be alone when you get it….

Sinful Selections is a full length novel where you decide the action as the chapters progress. Choose wisely and you could find the greatest HEA ever. Don’t worry if you choose poorly – in this universe, you always get the chance for a redo! Enjoy!


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