Rich Dick: A Workplace Romantic Comedy

Fired. Evicted. Overdrawn.
Three unsexy words to ruin my day.
But three words are going to make them all better.
What are they?
“Come with me…”

Life couldn’t get any much worse for me.
I got fired.
I have no apartment.
And my last check, after fees, leaves me with 69 cents.

I’m serious.
No boyfriend. No prospects. Nothing.

And then I walk into the wrong office.
All of a sudden, I’m interviewing to be an assistant to a billionaire.

The job?
Go to Paris.
Be at his beck and call while he does billionaire things.

Have I mentioned that he’s drop dead handsome?
His body is just so amazing. I wanna lick his abs.
His face is so rugged.
Like from a billboard. I could stare at him all day.
And his co—uhm, I mean…you know. Nevermind.

He thinks I’m this girl that has everything together.
Little does he know I’m anything but.
That I basically pretended to be someone else to get this job.
I need to tell him. I need to be honest. There’s just one problem with that.

He’s falling in love with me.
And what makes it worse?
I’m falling in love with him.

I need to come clean.
So that we can be dirty.



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