Overtime: An Office Reverse Harem Romance

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Three hot bosses in a high powered office?
It’s the job of your dreams.
By the time we’re done, you won’t want to wake up.

We knew from the moment you walked in that you were perfect.
You’re so pure.
With a wild side that’s just waiting to come play.
The three of us can make any woman crazy.
It’s helped us become the top consulting firm in the country.
Made us wealthier than you can ever imagine.

But now we’re going to shower only you with that wealth.
And when we’re done wining and dining you we won’t stop.
We’ll shower you in other things as well.
With three massive alpha males, you can guess what it’s going to be.

You may be worried at first.
But you know deep down that the three of us will love you.
Protect you.
Treat you more than just an office asset.

Because this isn’t just an office where you clock in and clock out.
This is going to become a home away from home.
You will need to please all of us.

And it calls for lots of overtime.


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1 review for Overtime: An Office Reverse Harem Romance

  1. Zsgirl

    Chase, Cameron and Adam are the owners of the prestigious firm Holt, Banks and Shea. They are the men you go to if you are running for office and want to win. Nicole is smart, confident and just what these men are looking for. When she interviews for her dream job the men realize that she is the one they’ve all been waiting for. But, upon taking the job, she finds that she will be doing more than taking dictation. Way more!!

    This Dark Angel novel is one the hottest books I’ve read. I love how the women She writes about are strong and confident. I, also, absolutely love reading about handsome, alpha males. They make me so HOT!! This book will light you on fire! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!!

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