My Son’s Best Friend Episode 1

All my life I’ve sacrificed.
I’ve focused on being a wife.
And a mom.
But now it’s time for a change.
I’m going to focus on being a woman.

Or maybe a slut.
Because who else is this hard up for sex?
I’m reading my Kindle nonstop.
I’m touching myself.
Teasing my clit.
One thing is clear.

I need a man. Soon.

My late husband left me horny.
There’s not too many people I can talk to.
So one day I decide to go next door.
Talk to my best friend.
But she’s not home.

Guess who is?

He’s hot. Ripped. Young.
He’s got a smirk.
And he’s hard.

But this is wrong.
He’s off limits.

Because he’s…
My son’s best friend.


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