Mile High Pilots

(6 customer reviews)

Take three bad boy pilots that will make sure your feet never touch the ground…

Jason, Trevor, and Mason.
Three pilots who live the jet set life.
Each of them lost and looking for love.
The fact that they’re pilots just isn’t enough.
The fact that they can have any woman just doesn’t cut it.
Sure, they’re handsome as sin.
And yeah, they’re packing enough in those pants to take any girl sky high.
But each of them is missing something.
It keeps them from being whole.

What are they missing?



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6 reviews for Mile High Pilots

  1. Mary

    Wow really good

  2. Ramona Gordon

    Meeting Jason, Mason and Trevor definitely sets the stage for this hot storyline, bring in Sabrina and the heat intensifies. As I read about the tragedy in Sabrina’s life my heart hurt for her and made me want to find that bitchy aunt of hers. Her aunt Joanna might have an agenda but I certainly hope nobody underestimates what Sabrina is capable of. I this she is much stronger than even she realizes.

  3. Connie l Blair

    Good books

  4. aquesha28 (verified owner)

    WOW This is so good…

  5. Gail


  6. Gail

    Lusty and enjoyable

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