Mile High Connection

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Sabrina Van der Liss
Someone is trying to kill her. 
They gotta go through the three of us first.
They can try.
But there’s only one way this will end.

Months of planning.
Hours spent figuring out the perfect plan.
And it all hinges on one thing.
Just how well can the heiress jump out of a plane.

See, we came to bring the plane down.
To put Sabrina’s feet back on solid ground.
It’s gonna happen one way or another.
Whether the plane lands, or she does.

But what reception is she going to get back on the ground?
Who is looking to betray her?
Is it one of us?
And how do we deal with it?

There are a million different forces trying to tear us apart.
But only one force holding us together that will help us prevail.
What is it?




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1 review for Mile High Connection

  1. Ramona Gordon

    So glad I stayed awake to read this final episode, maybe Lana will give us a peek into what happens with our four characters now that the intrigue, secrets and Joanna is over. I loved the plan and what ends up being the final outcome. Bye-bye Joanna, I hope they find a very dark place for you since all the truths have come out. Happy ending for Sabrina, Trevor, Jason and Mason made my heart feel good. Loved the book and I’m so happy I got the entire series.

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