Max Bid: Episode Ten

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No place is safe for me.
No one is who they seem.

We thought we had won.
We thought we were safe.
We were so wrong.

I have no place to run.
I have nowhere to hide.

I’ve brought death to those who love me.
I’ve brought pain to those close to me.

This is the darkest of night.
This is the where I falter.
This is where I might die.

But through it all there is one constant.
There is one thing that gets me through it.
You’ll laugh when I tell you.

But this is what I know.
With every fiber in my body, I believe it.

Our love will get us through.
Our love will be undefeated.


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2 reviews for Max Bid: Episode Ten

  1. Melba Turner

    This series is just riveting!! Please finish this before I go mad wondering what will happen.

  2. Ramona Gordon (verified owner)

    My wish came true in this episode but I’m giving no spoilers. The drama continues while the guys are still protecting Erica and now they have to figure out how to rebuild their data center. Will it end soon? Now I’m going to start Episode Eleven to find out what happens next. Can’t wait.

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