Love In Review: An Enemies To Lovers Romance

Ella Davis wants to give my books 1 star?
Wait till I’m done with her.
She’ll literally be seeing 5 stars.
From cumming too much.

I’m the bad boy of the fucking book world.
Ain’t no thing in a skirt safe from me.
I grab what I want.
Bend it back.
Have my way.
Then pat her on the ass.
And tell her to go away.
It’s not a bad life.
Till I meet my nemesis.

She’s the most influential book reviewer in the industry.
And she’s got my career by the balls.
Well…too bad I’m gonna grab her by the…

Well, I think you can guess what I was gonna say.

Only one problem.
She’s fucking gorgeous.
Those almond shaped eyes.
That delectable heart shaped ass.
Those legs.
Those tits.
She gets me all hard.
Horny as all fuck.
Let’s see if she feels the same.

And then afterwards?
Lets see if this bad boy that writes love for a living
Can be tamed.

Once and for all.


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