Her Soldier

When she saw me after all these years…
She thought she’d get a second chance.
Instead she got something else.

Emily was the girl that I left.
When I came back into town, I never realized she was still there.
It wasn’t hard to fall back in love with her.
But what was hard was realizing that falling in love was putting her in danger.

I should have stayed away from her.
I should have controlled myself.
I shouldn’t have looked at her shapely, curvy, body.
I shouldn’t have touched those tits.
I shouldn’t have slapped that ass.
And spread those legs.

But I did.
And she paid the price.

Now she’s caught in the middle of all my shit.
If it were me I’d deal with it the way I do best.
I’d kill people.
But I need to make sure she’s safe.
I need to punish the people who took her from me.

And then I need to marry her.
And put a baby inside her.

So that even if I leave this town again.

I’ll always be home.


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