Girl’s Best Friend(s) The Complete Series

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They both had me at once.
Now it’s time for the ultimate taboo.
They need to have each other too.

James and Thomas have hated each other for as long as they can remember.
They’ve battled. They’ve warred.
Well, now they’re going to love.

The problem?
It’s the same woman.

They ask me to choose.
Too bad they don?t understand that I’m never good at making decisions.
Hell, I take forever to decide what to wear to dinner.
And then even longer to decide what to order.
Choose between two handsome men?
Between two sets of 8 pack abs?
Two thick, throbbing cocks?
Yeah, good luck choosing.
I’ll pick both.

But our love has enemies.
They’ll try to tear us down.
They’ll try and destroy me to get to them.

Only my boys will protect me.

We’ll either come out as three.
Or be destroyed forever.


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1 review for Girl’s Best Friend(s) The Complete Series

  1. c.fraley

    Absolutely loved this series. It had great twists and turns plus a great chemistry between the main cast!

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