Gambling for the Virgin

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Her body’s for sale. But I want her soul

She wants to sell her body to me for cash. Says I’m the only one with enough power and money to help her. And how can I resist saying yes? With my wealth, I can buy any fucking thing I want.
And God, the things I want to do that body…
I can’t tell you out here how I’m going to squeeze that heart-shaped ass and run my cock between her cheeks as we look out the window at the city I own.
Or how I’m gonna shoot her into orbit five or six times as a warm up before I fuck her so good that she can?t walk the next day.

But I will tell you this…

She’ll be coming back for more.
Because she wants it. She says she doesn’t. But I know she does.
When she’s around me, she can’t control herself.

But I want more.

It’s not enough to just own her body.
No, I want something more. Something that she can?t sell. Something that she has to give.
I want her heart.
All of her. Everything. Every damn word, deed, and thought.
Till death do us part


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1 review for Gambling for the Virgin

  1. Sandy618

    I absolutely loved this story. Lucy and her brother Tommy only have each other. Tommy has made a lot of bad choices and owes money to some really bad people. Lucy decides she wants to offer her virginity to Gian, in return all of Tommy’s debts will be cleared and he’ll be committed to an inpatient treatment program. I liked the build-up of the romance between Gian and Lucy. Their chemistry was off the charts!! Dark Angel couldn’t have made this book any better. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

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