Double Play: An MMF Romance

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What’s the best therapy for two injured alpha male football players?
It’s not really a question of what.
But a question of who.
And that who is….

Everyone knows that Zander Clark and Lucas White hate each other with all their hearts.
Decades of anger.
Mountains of rage.
We have a rivalry that knows no bounds.

Until we go too far.

We take it out on the field.
We destroy each other’s careers.
Now we’re out for the season.
Our only hope is a therapist who can heal us.

Enter Paige Dawn.
A hot as sin sports medicine therapist who has to heal two gods.
Now she’s dealing with not one but two cocky football players
Mortal enemies with rock hard egos
Getting caught between them…

Well it’s much less nightmare than dream.
We tease her, taste her, drive her to the brink.
But when our teams face off,
We might kill each other off the field too.
We try to make Paige choose.
But she asks us a question:

Wouldn’t it be better if all three of us were team players?


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3 reviews for Double Play: An MMF Romance

  1. Amy (verified owner)

    I was excited to read this book because it is two of my favorite genres sports and MMF. This book however quickly fizzled out for me. The first “sex” scene between Zander, Lucas and Paige is described as a sex scene but all you get is kissing and touching. The story seems to jump around a lot and a lot of paragraphs are one sentence. This was not at all what I was expecting.

  2. Lucy Stockton

    This book was so romantic. LOL I know duh it’s a romance but I just loved the way two rivals came together. In MMF I feel like if the dynamic is off then the story isn’t as enjoyable but the transition between these three was HOTTTT and I was so happy to read their HEA. Definitely recommend.

  3. Sabria Fox

    Woooooo! touchdown Paige and Lana this book was on fire and I loved it!!!!!! I kept turning pages to see what would happen with 2 enemies and the woman who heals them. Can’t wait to read more from these authors.

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