Darcy Vs. Doctors: A Girls Vs. Love MFM Romantic Comedy

The doctors are in.
They tell me to stick out my tongue and go “aah”
Then they make me go “oooh”
Geez…I dunno.
You think insurance will cover this?

Collin and David are two of the hottest doctors I’ve ever met.
David’s a brooding alpha male.
Collin is the playboy.
They’re supposed to heal me.

I want them to make me heel.

I’m serious.
These two…let’s just say they know their way around a girl’s body.
Know exactly the right buttons to push.
They know what medicine to give me.
The kind that I open my mouth for.
How I’m supposed to swallow.

But obviously no hospital wants what we want.
No one wants to say their doctors are in a threesome with a patient.

I mean, can you imagine the publicity?
The bad press?

So they need to choose.

Dirty, filthy, happiness with me?
Or staying boring and sad without.

What’s it gonna be, fellas?
Because God knows…I need my Vitamin D.


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