Daphne Vs. Daddy

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Hey Mom. I’m going on a date. With Dad.

OMG! How am I even going to have a convo like that with my mom?
I mean I don’t even think they have rules for dating your ex-stepdad.
Like what do we even celebrate first?
Our anniversary? Or Father’s Day?

Don’t get me wrong. This guy is so totally worth it.
Bad boy billionaire…with the 8 pack abs and Greek god body. And 12 inches of thick, swinging…ego.
But if he thinks I’m just gonna roll over and be a good lil’ docile girlfriend, he’s got another thing coming.
Because the only way I’m getting on my knees is if I’m getting ready to sit on his face.

And if he gets mad at that?
Then only two questions remain.
How badly will he punish me?
And how much am I gonna like it? 😉

*** It’s the cute single girl versus the Big Bad Daddy in this first novel from Alexis Angel. Guaranteed to be sweet, sassy, and fun. No cheating or cliffhangers. Happy Ending? Always, babe ***


1 review for Daphne Vs. Daddy

  1. Sandy618

    This was my first read from the Mona Cox library. I have to say it was absolutely amazing and one of my favorite books. It’s a must-read for sure!

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