Cunning Linguist

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His body makes me shiver…
But it’s his tongue that keeps me satisfied.

I’m not even supposed to like him.
I’m here to shut down his late-night talk show after he goes too far.
Jacob Kent. Body of a god. The bank account of a small country.
His job is to give women their O.
He says he’s trying to help them be free.
I think he’s trying to help himself.
Until he shows me his “methods” first hand.
And let me tell you, I may have been warned about that silver tongue of his.
But there’s only one place I want it now, and I don’t want to share.

I’ve fallen in love with a man who calls himself The Cunning Linguist on TV.
Will he still love me once we roll to credits?

Come tune into this new standalone romance. No cliffys or cheating! HEA? You know it, babe!


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4 reviews for Cunning Linguist

  1. Renee

    Wow, what can I say, Alexis Angel never fails to deliver the sexiness.
    I read this in one sitting, I couldn’t put it down. Hot, sexy, steamy, everything I love about this author.
    Jake has his own TV show that brings some unwanted attention from the FCC.
    Layla is sent from the FCC to investigate however whilst she is there they become intimately involved & she falls for Jake’s charms.
    Layla accused Jake of being an exhibitionist but it turns out she seems to love it more than him.
    Lori, (Layla’s boss), is not impressed by Layla’s final assessment of the show & its soon revealed Lori was once rejected to appear on the show.
    Lori is ask to appear on the show to have a discussion regarding her opinions but things take an unexpected turn & the audience gets a lot more than they were expecting.
    That scene in the restaurant on their first date, I’m still fanning myself trying to calm down. Then the burlesque club & the limo….woah!
    Excuse my while I take a seriously cold shower to cool off.

  2. Adele

    I received a free copy of this book via and am voluntarily leaving a review. The chemistry between Layla and Jake….WOW!! I would definitely read more books on this subject!! Hot and super sexy!!!

  3. Raecharmed

    Jacob Kent is the hot tv show host with a very famous tongue. All his guests have some kind of sexual issue and he helps them out with some oral stimulation on live television. That is until the FCC tries to fine him for it especially after he last show actually showed what he was doing on live air. Layla is sent to investigate and figure out how much the fines should/could be. She doesn’t really see where Jacob is doing anything wrong but her boss thinks otherwise and sends her anyways. However Layla wasn’t counting on how intense her attraction to Jacob would be or her inhibitions would just melt away in his company. This was a hot story and I love every minute of it. If you haven’t read any books by Alexis Angel this would be a great start.

  4. Zsgirl

    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

    Alexis Angel has the best and dirtiest imagination out there!! I absolutely LOVED this book. It’s too hot even for pay-per-view.

    Jacob Kent is the star and host of the sexiest show on TV, The Cunning Linguist. Women flock to his show in the hopes of being a guest and recipient of his lingual talent. Layla is an agent with the FCC and after a particularly sexually graphic episode she is sent to had down a hefty fine. Jacob must convince her not to shut down the production because after all, he’s only trying to help.

    I think I might just have to read this one again. That’s if my Kindle doesn’t melt first.

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