Confession: Girl’s Best Friend(s) Episode 5

They both had me at once.
Now it’s time for the ultimate taboo.
They need to have each other too.

James and Thomas fuck me so hard I can barely walk.
Seriously, it’s like getting shot into orbit.
Together, they give me the best pleasure a girl can have.

But I want something more.

Something dirtier. More depraved than I ever realized.
I want to see them do each other.

It’s exciting to think this is the power I have over them.
To bring out a love between them that will change them.

They have a history together.
An attraction bubbling under the surface.
I’m going to be the spark that lights it on fire.
And the three of us will be brought closer together.

But will it work? Will they take the plunge?
Or will it destroy us forever?


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