Clarity: Girl’s Best Friend(s) Episode 6

We would do anything to please Riley.
She is our fucking queen.
But then she gets threatened.
Boy, did they pick the wrong chick to mess with.

We’re on the warpath.
We’ll destroy anything that tries to harm Riley.

Too bad that includes literally everyone.

See, they’ve pinned the diamond heist on Riley.
They’re extorting her to say she’s guilty.
They think they can blame her and we?ll let her go to jail.
Yeah, if you think one of us by ourselves was bad news, wait till you see James and I together.
He and I have spent most of our lives hating each other.
God help anyone now that we work together.

We’ll tear anything down.
Mow anyone over.
No matter what.
Try all you want.

At the end of the day
Riley, James and I?
Our love – it’s here to stay.


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