Carla Vs. Cowboy

I’m being totally serious when I say I’m gonna ride my cowboy into the sunset…

But does he like me?
I can’t tell.
Is he willing to go the distance?
He swoops in on his horse and rescues me whenever I get into trouble. But will he stick around?
Or will he just go off one morning.
He’s not like any other guy I’ve ever met.
I mean, he’s a cowboy. In New York City. That alone makes him unique, ya know?
All I know is that if he stays, then he’s my lobster.
I would be so freakin’ happy. It’s no question I’d ride on his “saddle” all day till the sun goes down. And straight through to sunrise. And then sunset again.

Geez…I’d need a horse after that because I won’t be able to walk.

*** It’s the cute single girl versus the cowboy in this seventh novella in the Girls Vs. Love series from Alexis Angel. Guaranteed to be sweet, sassy, steamy, and fun. No cheating or cliffhangers. Happily Ever After? Always, babe **



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