Buyer’s Market

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All my life, women have tried to sell themselves to me.
No surprise. I’m rich. Handsome. Successful. Untamed.
That is, until I meet Emmaline Travers.
Her body is for sale. But there’s a look in her eyes.
It tells me…Let the Buyer Beware.

I know though that I’ll pay any price for her. And once I do, I’ll defile that tight body of hers as I do ungodly things to it.
I’ll push her up against the wall. Rip the clothes off her hot little body.
Grab that luscious heart shaped ass and smack it as I ride her into paradise.
But is the cost too high?
Everything is for sale, but will buying her bankrupt me?
Just how far am I willing to go to own her everlasting love?
Am I willing to sell my eternal soul?
You’ll just have to come inside and find out…

**Come enter a world of dark desires in this full-length standalone romance by Lana Angel. No cheating or cliffhangers but it’s going to contain very mature themes with potentially dark undertones as well as scorching scenes. HEA? Always.**


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1 review for Buyer’s Market

  1. Sandy618

    Buyer’s Market is another great read from Dark Angel. I was pulled into the story from the first word. This has all the things we’ve come to expect and love from Dark Angel such as taboo relationships, hot sex scenes, and light BDSM. Ethan the hot as hell older professor and Emmaline his 19-year-old student and good friends daughter. Ethan’s attraction to Emmaline is immediate as is hers to him. You have to read this book to see how their love for each other develops and how they overcome the nay-sayers. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

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