Bust: Stuff Me, Stepbrother Episode 3

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It was a moment of weakness.
Silas and I?
Well we had a night together.
It was amazing.
And then he was gone.

Am I one of his one and done’s?
Am I someone he casts aside?
A slut?
A sex toy?
Pleasure for one night before the next party?
Can you imagine what that feels like?
What do I do?
Go cry to my mom?
He?s her stepson.
Can you imagine that conversation?
This is crazy. It’s driving me insane.
I only know one thing.

Silas D’Avington will fucking pay.


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2 reviews for Bust: Stuff Me, Stepbrother Episode 3

  1. Coleb2002

    Go get your man Becca!!

  2. Ramona Gordon

    Still hanging on every word. Oh my gosh, I don’t want this story to end. Where to next? Episode 4 of course.

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