Becca Vs. Biker

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Getting kidnapped by a motorcycle club? I should be so lucky…

My boyfriend is cheating on me. My job is killing me. My commute sucks.
So when Harlan Masters kidnaps me and holds me hostage one morning, my reaction is…
Seriously, now I’m the center of attention!
Lil’ Princess waited on hand and foot by big, bad, bikers.
They give me everything I want…I mean, literally, everything I want. Yes, even that. It’s amazing.
No job. No bills. No responsibilities.
A girl could get used to this.
The Black Fist MC thinks they’re tough?

Wait till they go up against the power of pink. We’ll see who’s left standing.


1 review for Becca Vs. Biker

  1. Crystal

    Becca Vs Biker is a hilariously sexy fun read to get your hands on. Becca was not happy with her life. The book starts with everything that can go wrong for Becca, happens. Becca is reflecting on her life when she is kidnapped by a bad boy MC biker Harlan. The funny part of this plot, Becca is enjoying the new turn of events. Harlan can not believe what he has got himself into. And once Becca returns ( with Harlan of course ) back to her apartment and catches her boyfriend cheating, she is more than sure this is what she needs. Ha! I love it. Really who is going to enjoy being kidnapped? You bet Becca is and gets her much needed time away,

    The sexy scenes, as expected from Alexis Angel, are just too steamy to get into detail. But you will surely need a fan to cool you down. Before they even know it is happening, these two can not seem to stop the pull the have for each other. You also get to met the Black Fist MC biker crew too! Hands down Alexis Angel brings you another great sexy read!

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