Always Three: An MMF Romantic Comedy

She was just a simple hooker.
Who ended up getting the weirdest clients in her life.

Say hello to Caroline Fox.
Or as she calls herself…Foxy.
Self described as the most bored hooker in Miami.
Despite that, she’s the most in demand high priced call girl out there.
People love her for her beauty.
But she’s also got brains.
Sass. Sex appeal. And sincerity.

She thought Nick was just another successful billionaire.
She thought I was just another workaholic.
What she didn’t expect was that we’d be young. Handsome. And kind.

Two of Miami’s most eligible bachelors, with bodies and bank accounts to die for.
Partners in business. And friends for life.

We both paid for her time.
And we both fell in love with her.
And we both kept her our secret.

But what happens when each of us finds out we love the same woman?
Will our friendship help build a new love?
Or will it crumble?

One thing’s for sure.
This bored hooker’s life just got a hell of a lot more interesting…

This full length novel has plenty of heat and steam to fog up your e-reader. A collaborative work between Lana Angel and Paige Teller, there is no cheating and a guaranteed HEA!


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