Aces to Score

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He doesn’t need to trust me.
He just needs to know that I’ll be the best he’s ever had.

His eyes look like they want to feast on me.
His body responds to me.
I crave his touch.
Even if I’m here to rob him.

Secrets upon secrets.
Lies wrapped in lace.
Elena Raven doesn’t give up.
My job is to rob Caden Hale.
Together with my new partner Arsen, we’ll pull off the heist of the century.
But there’s one complication.
One wrinkle in this master plan.


I want to crawl on the floor for Caden.
I want him to grab me by the neck.
Pull my hair.
Make me his.
I want him to defile me.
To make me submit.

Arsen gave me my mission. He’s counting on me.
I can’t let him down.

This job is starting to get punishing.
Hmm…just the way I like it.


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1 review for Aces to Score

  1. Ramona Gordon (verified owner)

    Enter Cade Hale. Elena works her way into his operation and a security consultant, all the while planning to steal from him. After leaving Cade she finds herself face-to-face with Oliver Reed, the third card in this deck of mystery, lies and pasts to be learned. To get more information, you will have to read the series because I have left out the really good parts 🙂

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