Aces To Hold

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One truth? Here come two lies.
The tangled web of deception
Is just how we live now.

Locked in a linked destiny
Fighting ruthless enemies
They’re always three steps ahead.

I thought I was retired from crime.
But this is my most dangerous job yet.

I lie for a living. It’s nothing to me.
Until Caden, Arsen, and Oliver.
They’re everything to me.
But my guilt is just one problem.
Will we even make it to tomorrow?

Enemies gear up for war.
The stakes are higher than ever.
If I might not wake up tomorrow

Then I’m going to revel in tonight.


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1 review for Aces To Hold

  1. Ramona Gordon (verified owner)

    So many cards dealt in this episode and now we throw in the Joker. So many twists and turns to follow as Elena discovers the truth behind the war between Caden, Arsen and Oliver. Will she be able to save all of them or will she lose one to the behind-the-scenes Joker who is holding another deck of cards that might end up taking them all apart and down. Can’t wait for Episode 10 to find out where we are going.

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