Aces In Play

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I’ve been cheated.
And now it’s time to get revenge.

I’m the most notorious thief in the world.
You may not know my name.
But you know my handiwork.
Headlines across the globe attest to the fact.
I’ve made so much money that it’s time to retire.
Until I meet my match.
He beats me at cards.
Now I have to pay up.
The cost is one night with me.

I should be flattered and excited.
Because Arsen Hutton is as hot as they come.
With abs that have been chiseled.
And a rugged face that beckons me to sin.
He may be a gambler and I may be a thief.
But he’s trying to steal something much bigger from me than money.

My heart. 


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2 reviews for Aces In Play

  1. Lucy Stockton

    AMAZING DEAL! I loved this book, can’t wait to read more in the series.

  2. Ramona Gordon (verified owner)

    Elena meets with Arsen for dinner and he invites her back to his suite for a drink. After talking for awhile Elena decides that there was nothing coincidental in their initial meeting. Be sure to read Episode 3 to find out what’s happening next.

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