Aces Bought

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The stakes are higher than ever.
If I might not wake up tomorrow
Then I’m going to revel in tonight.

You don’t know my name.
But you’d recognize my headlines.
I thought I was out of that racket.

Turns out, I’m up for the con job of my life.
I’m not just lying to Caden, Oliver, and Arsen.
I’m lying to my heart about them all.
We’re so close. Unveiling deception.
Being stronger together.
Until everything we believe?
Comes crashing down.
What’s the lie? Where’s the truth?

I can’t tell anymore.
And I can’t tell anyone.

We’re haunted by ghosts of the past
Stronger than saviors of the present.
One fatal error could cost us everything.
I can’t run. I can’t hide.

Can we survive the impossible together?
Or are we are doomed to dying alone?


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1 review for Aces Bought

  1. Ramona Gordon (verified owner)

    Oh my gosh, it seems like everything is about to explode. Will Elena be able to get everything back on track or will she lose everything? I’m on my way to Episode Nine to find out, can’t wait.

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