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Weekends are for Reading!

Every weekend, the store is going to do something cool for you to make sure you have great things to read. That’s the plan, and Natalie launched us off right by putting her full series in a bundle. The full first season of the Summer Lovin’ mega series, all 4 episodes of Summer of Love season 1, are live in a bundle only for sale through Monday! The bundle is free in Angel Access and soon will only be available in Angel Access so make sure you check it out <333


Hope you’re having a good weekend Angels!


On the blog I want to do a giveaway too because well they’re fun.
You’re entered to win a $10 gift card to the store, Angels, if you can comment below with every book that was released on the store in the last week! Can you do it?

We’ve been busy lol.

I’ll announce a winner in Monday’s blog post 🙂