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Paige is Trying!!!

So the updates are still going on with the store. I didn’t post on the blog yesterday because Paige and IT Guy are doing all sorts of things with some internal updates that we need. They haven’t quite finished. So Paige is adding her novella CAUGHT to Angel Access today – check it out 🙂

Thanks for bearing with us in the mean time.

Love you Angels!!

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What REALLY Happened.

Okay so I debated this one big time. Hot Dentist seemed like a good guy. He’d been in my mouth. He was totally flirty. He asked me out on a date.

Part of me didn’t even want to tell this story because it seems like a little… mean, I guess?

I mean he’s a sweet, accomplished guy. I don’t really have anything super bad to say about him. I didn’t even know how to handle this when it happened.

Before I get going into this story, because it’s a long one, I want to make sure you know that Max Bet 3 has just been released – an Angel Access exclusive!

So. Hot Dentist.

I better just spit it out, huh?

So Hot Dentist and I were off to a good start.

To recap.

He was a very hands-on dentist. Mucho flirting. We went out – since we work out at the same gym. In my mind that was kind of a date. I wore cute clothes, there was sweating.

But oh boy, that was so not our first date. I have so the weirdest way of confirming that.

And… yes, I do mean strange. Like, when you hear the whole story, I reeeeally want to hear what you think of this whole situation.

Post workout, I’d say like a few weeks later, we were sending a text here or there and it was nice and I honestly told him, hey, I’m busy with x/y/z. Store. Life. Etc. But we finally nail down a date time. Dinner and a movie. That’s pretty standard. Ya gotta do dinner first because you can’t talk during the movie, and it may not be an original sort of date (going to work out seemed like he was an exciting data) but little did I know just how he was going to blow my mind.

I get ready for the date. I’m wearing my go-to Louboutins, red bottoms for this girl’s confidence!, and a slinky black dress that wasn’t revealing but it was like sexier because it didn’t give it all away.

I did a soft brown and copper smoky eye in contrast to bring out the blue in my eyes. My hair was sleek and smooth and frizz-less (a miracle in and of itself).

I felt really damned good about how I looked. Polished and appropriate, because I always got this vibe from Hot Dentist, he wasn’t a run of the mill perv.

He never sent me dick pics or really horrible, heavy breathing type texts. No, he seemed gentlemanly.

Ha. Ha. Ha… I wasn’t wrong.

I’ll cut right to it, the man… showed up. At my door.

With his mom.

He brought his mother on our first date (more on that “first date” bit in a moment) but okay so he shows up looking quite nice. So does his mother, to her credit she was wearing a gorgeous Chanel suit.

Allowing myself not to be taken aback I accepted the compliments… and introductions.

So, we head off to dinner. He walks next to me but his mom keeps pulling his arm. Okay. Weird. Not great.

But I start to think… maybe this is an incredibly awkward moment for him, too? Maybe his mom is having a terrible day and he offered to bring her along? I don’t know. Surely there’s gotta be some kind of explanation, I rationalize, and I let myself just try and enjoy the date. I give him openings to say something to the effect that this isn’t what he intended.

His mother excuses herself after the salad course and he leans closer.

So of course I think this is it, he’s going to tell me, oh poor Mom is distraught today, sorry I brought her along.

No, he leans in and runs his hand over mine on the table. “I’m so glad,” he says, “that you don’t mind that I brought my mother on our first date. See, my last few dates didn’t go for it at all, but how am I supposed to date a woman who can’t make nice with my mother?”

I was stunned, Angels. Now I am a firm believer in that if a man isn’t good to his mother, then he’s not worth dating. I mean, don’t you agree?

But this was just so weird.

I gulped, smiled, and said, okay, I have actually had a good time with them this evening. His mother is funny and charming, as is he. Maybe I’m being too judgmental and while this is weird, I should just relax about it all.

But then I start to think… no, this is odd. He pays more attention to his mother than me during the date, at one point, it seems like since she wants to talk about a problem she’s having at this social group she goes to… one of the women there insists on drinking a glass of white wine even though they’re serving red meat.


Big problem right?

I don’t roll my eyes but I tell myself, yeah, this is weird.

But Hot Dentist says, “okay, mom, sure, but I’m on a date with Lana.”

Ha. So he does remember.

His mother huffs a little and peruses the dessert menu.

Hot Dentist actually starts flirting with me more. He says, “I’m so glad we found time to do this finally. Maybe we should skip the movie and go back to your place, or mine?”

That wouldn’t be so strange if it weren’t for that big, oh so important fact. His mother is there.

She raises an eyebrow at me. “You don’t want to eat any of this dessert, then you’ll be back in my son’s dentist chair in no time.” His mother huffs.


He says nothing. “I certainly don’t need the extra calories or sugar,” I say with a small laugh.

“So shall we go back to your place?” Hot Dentist asks.

And I blurted out, “Is your mother coming there too?”

Hot Dentist stops and thinks.


And thinks.


And his mom raises her eyebrows and throws her hands up in the air, tossing her napkin onto the table. “Well of course I need to see the home of what kind of woman my son needs to date!”

Nope, nope, nope. I smiled, thanked them both for a nice evening, and got a fucking Lyft home to tell Nat and Alexis ASAP about this weird fucking night.

So yeah it was weird. But like I kinda get where he’s coming from, too, and maybe he and his mom have a weird relationship but I didn’t tell this story right away because it just seemed kinda mean. Like, oh shame on the last man on earth who’s polite and kind…

But yeah maybe needs to cut the cord, too.

Weigh on this Angels? What do you think?

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Wow, Last Night…

First up, I added Office Slut to Angel Access.

That cover? I loooooove it. My momma was like, ow, I would smack a man who does that to me if I even put those damn panties on. Haha so my mom is dating. My parents got divorced a while back AAAAND my mom’s second marriage didn’t work out too well. No luck with love in this family!!!…or is it changing?

I called my mom before my date last night – FaceTimed her after I did my makeup. She was like, oh wow you look like a really classy slut… good job. HAHA! Love that woman, she’s sassy and a half.

So I have no idea what to expect and I decided to keep it pretty casual (we can’t all have steak dinners with personal waiters) and I’m glad I did.

Jason (CVS Guy) owns a Mexican-Asian fusion restaurant but like a really casual cafe. It was fun, like asian tacos or mexican noodle bowls, nothing too complicated. But it was nice. It had live music. We had a great time. The conversation was the best part. He’s funny. After a lot of conversation he asked me what I do, and I had been vague and said I was a writer. But then when I told him what kind of author I was, he was like, whoa.

He got really quiet and I was like, fuck, did I ruin everything here or what? Then I was like well if he can’t respect what I do then this is over anyway.

Jason exhales and looks over at me with this really adorable, charming grin and he’s like, wow, guess there’s even more pressure on this date than I thought. I mean, you must have written so many.

I found that adorable. I told him not to worry, I’m real and he’s real and I’m not comparing him to a book.

You can tell because I didn’t sleep with him. Haha, in a Lana book there’d be like a spanking or something involved by now.

He had a naughty look in his eye when he dropped me off last night, this devilish twinkle, and he kissed me and it was a like five star kiss.

I think I’ll text him again. Any mexican food I eat without indigestion like already would have made my door dash list but haha like I had a really good time with him. It was nice to have my great big happily ever after weighing on my head.

But all the same, I know… I’m not a lotsa dating kinda girl. I want to settle down. But I guess a whole lot of dating is how I find THE ONE, right?

Wish me luck out there in that wild dating world.

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I Have a Date Tonight!

To celebrate the amazing reverse harem project I’ve been working on with Natalie, I’m totally going out tonight. I met this cute guy at CVS (haha) when I was picking up more tissues for Alexis and I’ve been like, my life is on hold until my best friend gets better.

Natalie and I were drinking mimosas and chatting with the editor when IT Guy comes over. He’s like, awesome. You finished your book. Natalie’s like yeah so now text back that hottie from CVS. IT Guy laughs, crooks his head to the side, and is like, yeah, you should go out. Alexis will be fine, I’ll keep her company.

Alexis busts out of the bedroom and is like YES LANA GO ON A DATE.

I was stunned for like two seconds and then I just couldn’t help but laugh. Alexis is talking a mile a minute about what panties to wear and what she thinks I should do with my makeup and all sorts of shit and like IT Guy? He looks soooooo confused.

He walks over to Alexis and starts leading her back to the bedroom and for a hot minute she keeps talking and then she’s like, oooh, bedroom.

I heard “Natalie you got this!” before that door closed. Lord knows if IT Guy is tucking her in or, ahem, tucking her in haha but like… I think he’s earned our trust and yeah I wanna go out.

I texted the CVS Guy and I was like, okay, don’t sound desperate but I was like:

Lana: My friend’s recovering. Wasn’t just blowing you off!

CVS Guy – Jason: Cool.

I’m like… shit.

Jason: So want to go out tonight?

I’m like, thank fuck!

Lana: Yeah, what did you have in mind?

Jason: I want you to come to my restaurant.

I’m like… whoa!

Jason: Pick you up at 7?

Lana: See you then 🙂


So yeah. He has a restaurant??? What kind? I started thinking all sorts of things and I was like wow I have no idea what to wear. Natalie and I have agreed that leather leggings are the way to go with these incredible pink heels. I have like every color now because like the Max Bid covers inspired me haha. I have this black, lacy stop that looks so cute and I’m going to stick to a neutral glam look on the eyes and this like super wet kissable lip color. I know everyone likes these mattes but like I don’t know if men find them nearly as exciting as us haha and I’m looking to get kissed here!!!

I added The Virgin Plot — which is one of my favorite covers our new designer did — to Angel Access.

Wish me luck on my date babes, I’m excited :))))

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Happy Moanday!

Hahahaha so it’s that day of the week. You love it or you hate it. Monday, or as Alexis calls it, Moanday.

Actually, Alexis and I both love Mondays.

So our cover designer was like uhm I won’t have the Filthy and Forever cover to you until tomorrow because she was like watching Game of Thrones.

Weren’t we all? haha I know that not EVERYONE was but like 20 million people were so that’s no small beans there.

Added Twice Sold to Angel Access babes and we’ll get you Filthy and Forever together ASAP.

Alexis is feeling much better today but I’m trying to keep her taking it kind of slow. She misses you all!

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They’ve Got The Write Stuff!

Hey Angels!!!

So hahahahahaha I can’t think of a more Naughty Angel Publishing problem than this. Alexis and I were texting as she came home today, she walks in the door, and we both look up from our phones, take one look at each other, and bust out laughing.

So we have a new book coming out today and…

Our cover is too dirty for the store!

Our designer is redoing it but LOL it was hot.

I added The Write Stuff to Angel Access today babes and Callie Stone very dirty book will be out today… the cover designer is getting something new together!

Alexis said that her and IT Guy snuggled and cuddled and he watched Netflix with her and they DIDN’T have sex, he wants her to get her energy back. Alexis is like I have write sex if I can’t have it… but she’s been on the mend. So he comes over for breakfast and I guess those two couldn’t wait any longer, Alexis is in a better mood now haha. She’s doing WAY better and I’m so happy. Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers Angels.

Here’s the blurb for today’s book FILTHY & FOREVER (coming soon), let us know what you think Angels!

We were supposed to be

I’ll never let her go — fuck consequences.

She’s mine to have … again and again.

A filthy blue collar miner like me shouldn’t put his hands all over her.

She’s a perfect angel. Body made to corrupt. I want to teach her sin.

Her parents told me that she was going to marry someone acceptable.

… But now I know she never gave up on us.

So I’ll make her mine. Corrupt her. Claim her.

Taste every drop up of her and make her scream.

She’s going to be my wife.
This woman is my whole life.

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Love & Marriage

So, tonight, Sophie Moore published her second book with Naughty Angel Publishing – and she’s agreed to put it into Angel Access as well!!

This is an amazing story. It’s about the power of love and it is a little different than other stories we often write here in one big way.

It’s still a romance. It’s still got excitement and alpha characters. BUT – it’s about a couple that’s already married.

A lot of us Angels know, the real work of love can be maintaining a marriage. The couple in this story are going to give it another go and I personally found this to be an amazing read.

Second chance romance that’s also a spy romance???? Love it.

I’m so proud of Sophie’s hard work on this novella. It’s a solid evening’s read that had me totally engrossed for sure and I hope you love it, too 🙂

The Alexis Update… well I’ll give it to you when I have it!!!

Alexis is spending a second consecutive night over at IT Guy’s.

I’m sure she’s in good hands. He’s more than proven that!

Nat and I working on a super dirty book that is making our cover designer crazy LOL trying to get it right. Let’s just say… I’m certain Natalie deserves a taste of a good, filthy harem!!!

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend Angels! Tell me your plans.

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IT Guy Postponed…

IT Guy postoned the updates on the site that are, like major.

I mean, last minute, he literally tells me, “no, I’m not upgrading.” He was dead serious, Angels.

He had this mysterious glint in his eye.

And then he said, “Lana, I need you to come back to my apartment real quick,” and he shushed me so that Alexis wouldn’t hear.

Yeah, I was in full on What The FUCKK??? mode.

He pulls my hand and drags me over to his apartment and then…

Busts. Out. Laughing.

But I’m speechless.

I look around and he tells me, “did I do well?”

See, he’s read Alexis’s books. The man’s been to Per Se a time or two. That’s why this wasn’t a question. It was a statement. He did very well.

The doctor’s results came back in. Alexis is still recovering from pneumonia and she has some anemia along with an eye issue called uveitis which shoulds like she needs sunscreen on her eyes (it’s pronounced yoo vee eye tuss) but it just means her eyes are inflamed and they hurt. So IT Guy’s been keeping her away from the screen, right, and helping her with these eye drops she has to take.

So sidebar, like me, Alexis has sensitive eyes. Like we look like bawling bitches when we’re doing our winged eyes in the morning but that liner gets on, we pass the tissues, we prevail) so her eyes are touchy but she’s TOTALLY letting IT Guy take charge. She’s letting him put the drops him and he’s holding her head up for it, it is all so damned sweet, honestly.

But re the anemia? He’s like, if Alexis Angel is going to have red meat, she’s going to have steak. And she’s going to have it in a steak house.

So he hired a waiter. Got a gorgeous suit and a perfect dress for her. Has a candlelit, one-rose-in-a-vase, white tablecloth adorned table in the middle of his apartment.

I’m about to go help Alexis get ready for her first real evening in a long time. She’s reading the edits we got back on Sophie Moore’s Claiming His Bride, which is coming soon!!!!, and she is feeling restless but she’s been hard at work, now that she feels even an ounce better and now that she has a better idea what’s going on with her.

She’s going to be okay. And I knowwwww she wants to feel like her old self.

I gotta say, IT Guy did a fabulous job. He promises to behave (though has he met Alexis, who knows if she even knows how to behave, she said something about anemia and iron meaning she needs to swallow as much of IT Guy’s cum as she can) but that he wants to keep her over at his place for the night if she wants.

So yeah.

Max Bet 2 is up in Angel Access.

New and wonderful things ARE coming to the store.

But first I’m happy to report Alexis Angel is preparing for her best come back yet.

It all starts with really small panties.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend Angels. Blog posts are going to come from me for a while things get reorganized and back on track with the store. So happy to have all you Angels. You mean everything to us, babes, and we do all we can for you.

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TWO New Books!

K so Daph’s my new book mom, everyone. It’s official.
The store’s lost its virginity again with two new books out and we couldn’t have done it without the lovely and incomparable Daphne Dawn!!

The great news is that BOTH new books are in Angel Access, babes.

Both have been highly anticipated but, hey, one I think is something we’ve all been waiting to read for a long time. The second season of Max Bid, Max Bet, begins today!!

One Love to Give 7 and Max Bet 1 are both live – you can buy One Love to Give 7 or read it in Angel Access.

Max Bet 1 is an Angel Access Exclusive!

Alexis – horizontal and sniffling with tissues but present – and all the Angels met today. The store is back. We have wonderful, filthy, exciting books coming for you.

Emails will start up again, too.

Again, thank you all for bearing with us. So IT Guy hasn’t updated (with Paige) yet because there’s a few more things to work out. But stuff IS coming :))) Many books. Many awesome features.

We love you all. We write for you. We publish for you.


And we thank you so much for all your support <3

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Tomorrow: NEW books!!!

Okay so Daphne and I have been on the phone all day!

Ready to bring you the good news!

Tomorrow we’ll have new books!!!!

Yes, multiple books. I really appreciate — and we all do — all you lovely Angels that stuck through us as Alexis has been sick. She’s got a follow up doctor appointment soon and she’s starting to get more energy.

I told her that still means she needs to relax. I’m showing her TV shows on Netlflix and cooking for her. But I think she’ll have a new book out next week to be honest. I caught her writing haha and when I met with a few of our editors today they were like Alexis is getting better, her words are actually making sense… they laughed. I laughed. And then I was like, umm, how do I tell them don’t take chapters to edit from a sick lady??? But then I read them and they were good too. So oops.

But Daphne’s the one who’s got new books coming tomorrow. Several!!

Thank you again for sticking with us.

OH and today’s Angel Access book is Prince Vs. Billionaire. Yum!!

Please pray for Alexis! And please check in tomorrow for a special set of reads for you loves :)))))))))