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Callie Stone Interview

Hey Angels! Alexis Angel here, and I’ll be your cruise director!

This week, we’re doing Angel Interviews – where every author on the store is basically reintroduced or introduced for the first time, because there’s always more to know and love about the Angels (included our new male authors who haha we may call Angels but they’re like uhm no Alexis, we’re dudes).

We’re kicking off today with the one I say is the real party girl of Naughty Angel Publishing. Callie Stone!

She’s finished her series Her 4 Heroes today because she wanted to be the gal to fall on the pork sword. Lol ewww Lana bet me I wouldn’t say that on the blog but haha we wanted to put more .99 books out on the store but they actually cost a lot more to put up. Eeep I know that’s not the fun part of NAP but anyhow each one of her episodes of Her 4 Heroes is just .99 and they are all live on the store today, with the final episode being published as I conduct this interview! They’re all in Angel Access too babes!

Contemporary Romance Author Reverse Harem So, Callie, give us your intro!

Callie Stone: Hey Angels! So if you don’t remember me I’d say there’s two key things here at the hottest contemporary romance store on the web that I contributed.

One, I offered to finger horny ladies during Vegas.


And Two, I used to be a rock groupie.

Alexis Angel: LOL! Also you helped Lana when she was stress spiraling and came and posted on the blog.

Callie: Yes, yes I did.

Alexis: And we’re so grateful for that. I mean, she was trying to uphold my schedule which has gone up in flames now –

Callie: Erm, yes it rather has babe. But like we’re all working to get the blog back on track. With an actual schedule.

Alexis: Very much like publishing.

Callie: Business is so like that!

Alexis: Yes it is. You know about that because you used to run a PR firm, right?

Callie: Yes! I ran a public relations firm servicing rock stars and bands, and yes aside from being a groupie I actually helped them get noticed and found and like followed by their fans. But you think keep rowdy romance authors in line is hard? At least we’re all relatively sober or not on anything that keeps us from writing sexy words.

Alexis: Right on. Wall Street had a totally different pace than the store does. Well, though I think I bring a little bit of that kind of workaholic crazy to the store.

Callie: True, true, you’re very driven.

Alexis: Thank you! And I’m smart enough to know that I bring that drive, and park in over in Lana’s lane because she’s much more organized than me.

Callie: Lana is more organized that all of us. Combined.

Alexis: LOL so true! So Callie, tell us why you joined the store. I mean… there are other places to publish, y’know?

Callie: Haha I am aware of the big, impersonal places where one could publish their romance novels. And I personally would much rather be a part of a consortium of cool author babes. I love how much we get to talk with readers, blogging, comments, and writing new stories on whatever dirty topic strikes my fancy. Plus let’s be real the covers here? They’re wild! Love ‘em!

Alexis: Aww, thanks babe. We’ve been through a few cover designers and it was rough.

Callie: I bet! Band cover artists were like that too, it was really rough.

Alexis: I know that after Beauty and the Beat, you’re writing about more Angel Records characters. So how based on real life are they?

Beauty and the Beat - Rockstar Romantic Comedy to read online by Alexis Angel

Callie: Very much like the sexy men in my books, the other characters are all part of the wild life I led before this even wilder life as an author. I’m inspired by how amazing life is and I tell my twist on stories.

Alexis: So cool! A lot of what I write, well, I wish it was true. Some of it is though…

Callie: Yeah I know what you mean!

Alexis: When are we starting Angel Records? LOL!

Callie: haha, right!!

Alexis: Thanks so much for interviewing for the Angels today, but hey, it’s not over… now, make sure you come back and answer comments. Angels, Ask your questions for Callie in the comments below!

Callie: Will do! Thanks again Angels for reading my stories!

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Let’s Welcome Aiden Forbes… and more!

Aiden Forbes has another new release today here on the store – so much for a super chill weekend?? I’m kidding, there’s more fabulous reads on the store. But things won’t be quiet here on the store again! So many cool things are coming.

Including next week where we’re doing a series of interviews with all our authors to catch up with everyone and make sure all the authors on the store are properly introduced.

We’ve been so focused on getting books published that not everyone’s gotten their proper intro to be honest.

So everyone, put your questions in the comments for Aiden, Gage, or any of our authors – everyone will answer questions AND there’s going to be more.

I added Sinful Selections to Angel Access today as well, so you can pick your pleasure this weekend 😉

Happy Weekend Angels!

PS don’t forget to enter yesterday’s giveaway on the blog.

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Weekends are for Reading!

Every weekend, the store is going to do something cool for you to make sure you have great things to read. That’s the plan, and Natalie launched us off right by putting her full series in a bundle. The full first season of the Summer Lovin’ mega series, all 4 episodes of Summer of Love season 1, are live in a bundle only for sale through Monday! The bundle is free in Angel Access and soon will only be available in Angel Access so make sure you check it out <333


Hope you’re having a good weekend Angels!


On the blog I want to do a giveaway too because well they’re fun.
You’re entered to win a $10 gift card to the store, Angels, if you can comment below with every book that was released on the store in the last week! Can you do it?

We’ve been busy lol.

I’ll announce a winner in Monday’s blog post 🙂

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Don’t You Want To Know The Other Side?

Hey babes!

So Liz and I have been celebrating our new release because it was sooo much fun to write, and I can’t wait to put out another one with her soon. Like I’m drunk now haha so I am going to go ahead and tell you that we’re working on what I’d call a spanking good trilogy and haha you know what I mean???

Hope you’re having a happy Friday!

We are.

I really wanted to put something fun into Angel Access today, so even though The Other Side collection is normally $4.99, now you can get it for free in Angel Access.

And speaking of secrets, did you know that The Other Side has a sneak preview of a new series coming soon?

It’s not just any series… it’s maybe one of the dirtiest, most forbidden things I’ve ever written. Paige and I are working with the editor to get it ready.

So many great things are coming Angels <333

Have a great weekend!

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Natalie’s Not Just a Knight…

LOL, she’s an Angel! So she and Lana put together this really cool video to celebrate yet another fabulous summer read added to the store and this time an exclusive to Angel Access series! Wooooo!

(So just FYI there’s also the Summer Heat Duet from Gage Grayson… and a lot more summer reads coming!!!!)

I thought this video was so cute. I’m going to make some more since Lana and Natalie showed me how.

And they kicked off a truly fabulous series.

I love Wedding season. I mean Summer. Land of bikinis. Beautiful dresses. Summer cocktails (though I’m mostly doing Vodka sodas with Lana now and tbh I actually like how refreshing it is).

I have just three more chapters in Ramona Vs. Roomate to do some revisions on after getting it back from the editor and I was like, ok, time to celebrate.

full on summer prep!

So I grabbed a bunch of books to read. Of course!

Got three new pairs of sunglasses. Also why does everyone on the internet call them sunnies now??? Am I old now? I like so don’t like saying that. Basically because it makes me think of eggs, lol, which there’s nothing wrong with but hey if I stick food on my eyes, then I stick to cucumbers.

Which I did, because I treated the Angels to facials and a half spa day for helping getting the store back together and back on my feet.

I went and added Callie’s new book today – it’s book three in the Her Four Heroes series and it is just 99 pennies or freeeeee if you’re in Angel Access.

Then over power salads with Lana (I actually really liked them, don’t tell her lol) we discussed a few cool things we’re doing with Insta-Angels (btw if you followed on instagram thank uuu and we are catching up with everyone!!! so many messages and comments lol but we read them all and we will get back to u) and the new Instagram ARC team we’re going to put together… trust me, it’s so cool.

We then talked about The Angel Perks we want to start offering. So I convinced Lana to switch to T-Mobile because of how great their international plan is (and no lol they may be pink but they’re not sponsoring our filthy smut store but like that would be cool haha) and she was like we need to T-Mobile Tuesdays, only for Angels. So yeah TELL US WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE and we’re going to start putting it together.

And we talked about other stuff as we did some MAJOR shopping. Like summer dresses, summer makeup, it was intense. Soooo fun.

Then we went to the gym and Lana and I talked about how we have so many things we want to write. We always have so many ideas!

Now we’re getting ready for dinner with a surprise author who is coming to the store soon. Feel free to guess, because she used to hang out with some other authors who have joined NAP here… but yeah.

I’m pretty excited. it’s been such a fun day and now I’m like looking at pictures of beaches.

One more thing… I got another surprise for the Naughty Angel authors – the ones you know about and a few more authors we hope to have join soon. We’re going on a little adventure for Fourth of July, in DC! I thought it would be a great way to celebrate and have fun and like see fireworks and drink? lol why not.

Make sure you check out all the wonderful things that have been published recently. Paige and IT Guy are working on more major updates but I’ll let you know as far in advance as I can if things will look wonky… but don’t worry the books are still cumming babes 😉

Tell me about ur summer plans!


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Do you like it rough?

Okay haha Angels. I know, super dirty title.

I also know that, eep, you still wanna check out Gage’s blog post earlier if you’re looking to see a hint at a new series coming AND you want to see the new series released today…

But Liz and I just got the cover for an amazing book we worked on together and I have to share it with you.

Is it too dirty? Well, maybe. The thing is that the book is kinda… stalkery and I mean that in the best way possible.

So recently FB had me update my relationship status. I went with… it’s complicated because well that’s the truth.

See, there’s this amazing bookstore in SF where the Angel pad is right haha and I noticed on more than one occasion this very cute guy was kinda watching me.

When I told Liz about it, then it inspired me to go ahead and write a dirty, romantic, wild sorta store. Liz and I both love writing darker stories but I think everyone can agree calling a man daddy and letting him put it your forbidden no no zone is fun to read about? Whether or not you’d do it?

Or maybe you’re like me. You’ve just sent a text to Mr. Bookstore Stalker.

Let me backtrack, I’m giddy with excitement lol

I saw him looking at me the other day again and I walked up to him and said, “Would you ever take your mom on a date?”

He’s like… “Uhm what?”

I replied, “What would your mother have to say about how you’ve been watching me?”

Then his lips curved into a positively filthy, sexy grin. “Oh I’d never talk to my mother about what I think we should do.”

I smiled and said, “Here’s my number.”

And to celebrate our new release, Liv says I should text Mr. Bookstore Stalker.

Should I?

Should we do the sorts of things that the stalkery flirtation inspired in this book? LOL let me know Angels and check out our new book <3

And don’t forget to read Gage’s post today too :)) New series! New book in Angel Access!

Happy Humpday 😉

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New Series for the Angels!

Hey ladies!

Thanks so much for all the welcome wishes to the store and to everyone who’s bought/downloaded my books so far. I wanted to give you a tasty series today.

Are you ready for a smoking hot read that leaves your skin flushed and your panties wet? That’s what I thought.

Newly launched on the Naughty Angel Publishing store is The Summer Heat Duet.

So get ready because Ethan and Madeline’s story will do just that.

Ethan and Madeline’s story is one wild and sexy ride, told in two parts. Check them both out.

Book 1 – Hawaii Big-O is $2.99 or free in Angel Access.

Book 2 – Brooklyn Big-O is $3.99.

Both are live on the store now!

Grab an icy Sex on the Beach. You’re gonna need it to cool off.

Tell me your summer plans.

I happen to know that no matter where you are or what you’re doing, Naughty Angel Publishing plans to keep your summer the right kind of hot. We’re working on a massive, massive new series for you.

Hope yours is a Summer of Love…

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2 New Novels in Angel Access… and IG!

Hey Angels,

I’ve set up an instagram for the store so I was busy trying to figure out what I was doing lol. We’re @naughtyangelbooks – if you follow us, leave a comment below and we’ll follow you back!

Also we added Painting Her and new to the store The President’s Secret Baby to Angel Access – that’s two novels!!!

Hope you’re doing well Angels <3

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Just in time for Father’s Day, a new author is joining the store with DADDY’S DAY! His novel is $3.99 or free in Angel Access.

I’m getting him set up to be able to post on the blog, but today I’ll share a note from him to you, Angels, about his release today.

From Gage Grayson:


I enjoy a good love story, but then who doesn’t?

The hopeless romantic in me enjoys reading about two souls coming together and finding that spark that really makes life worth living.

I’m not afraid to admit it.


Hi. I’m Gage Grayson.

I’m a hopeless romantic.

There’s just something about reading these characters find the best parts of themselves and sharing that with another.

Yeah, I’m a dude. But I can appreciate good romances and that’s why I try to write them for you.

So when I get down to brass tacks, I really enjoy reading about hearts reconnecting and characters giving each other another chance.

Real men don’t fail. Because if you don’t quit, you can’t fail.

You keep trying.

There’s something great about two hearts reconnecting and learning that their love cannot be ignored, or left behind to be forgotten. That’s why I’m a sucker for books about second chances and reconnecting.

They speak to that part of you that truly believes that love conquers all. And that–at the end of the day–we all just want to be loved.

And that’s what this book is about…two souls reconnecting and learning that love is what it’s all really about. Of course there are some twists and turns along the way–it wouldn’t be me otherwise–but we can’t make it too easy on them now can we?

Dylan and Brooke are two characters who’ve come to mean a lot to me. Their journey in this book hit a personal chord for me.

And I know that they–and their journey–will come to mean a lot to you too if you read this story.

But, most importantly, I hope that you walk away from this book with a smile on your face, and with the reaffirmation that love is something to be celebrated, cherished, and powerfully passionate.


Gage Grayson


Please join me in welcoming Gage to the store!